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Nekos API

An open-source anime images & gifs API.


Advanced Features
Create anything you dream of with our advanced features and clean specification!
Forever Free
No need to pay, our API is a gift from the meow-niverse! (But we happily accept donations!)
Endless Cuteness
Thousands of images and GIFs and growing daily. Embrace the adorable overload!
Our API is blazing fast! The creator of light agrees, it's the fastest thing ever seen.

Paw-some Stats

Could they be any better? Nyaw, I don't think so!

Avg. response time
~300 ms

Meowvelously supported wrappers

Embrace the paw-some power of integration! Effortlessly incorporate the API into your project with our officially supported wrappers. They're like friendly meowsengers delivering seamless integration right to your paws!

from anime_api.apis import NekosAPI nekos = NekosAPI() nekos.get_random_image()

Purr-fected by developers all around the globe

Countless projects across the meow-tiverse rely on Nekos API to fetch adorable anime images and GIFs. It's a meowgical companion for developers worldwide!

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